Home-Made Health Mix Is The Best Alternative To Packaged Commercial Energy Drinks


Indira Priyadharshini

Jul 29 2020

        Home-Made Health Mix Is The Best Alternative To Packaged Commercial Energy Drinks

Most of us start our day with milk and milk based beverages. We mostly consume it by mixing readymade commercial products such as  Boost, Horlicks, Bournvita, Milo, Pediasure, Ensure, Complan and so on.

Are we aware of the ingredients used in these commercial drinks? What kind of energy drink are we feeding to our kids? Are these readymade healthdrinks boosting your immune system? Lets find out..

What is the problem with commercial health drinks?

Have you ever had a closer look at the ingredients mentioned in these commercial drinks? We blindly believe the advertisement that says “Your kid will grow taller, stronger and sharper”, “Live non-stop by regaining your energy” – for elders. 

Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Vegetable oils, Gum Acacia, Gluten, Emulsifiers, Acidity regulators, Canola oil, Cellulose gel and gum, Carrageenan, Artificial flavours and so on.. 

These are some of the ingredients that are listed in the most popular commercial health drink. We don’t even understand the names of, most of the ingredients that are printed, yet we believe the advertisement and give it to our kids thinking we are giving them a wholesome drink. But we are unknowingly ruining their health with these commercial products. 

The energy drinks you commonly see are marketed as the ultimate nutrition for you but what people do not know is that they contain many harmful ingredients as well, which you shouldn’t be consuming on a regular basis. Commercial energy drinks contain a high amount of sugar. They contain high amount of chemically processed sugar which is not good for you or your children. This one ingredient alone makes them a bad nutrition choice. That being the case , there is no necessity to elaborate the ill effects of other ingredients which are even hard to spell out or understand.

What is our traditional practise of energy drinks?

The well known health drink that our ancestors used was the homemade porridge mix with a blend of right amount of natural carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. This porridge provided the whole family with the right amount of nutrition required to begin the day fresh and energetic. 

Other than health mix porridge, our ancestors also used to drink sukku malli kappy (Dry ginger and coriander seeds coffee) , drinks made of fresh herbs and fermented rice water (Vadi Kanji / Pazhayadu / Neeraagaram) .

These drinks boosted our immune system naturally providing the much needed gut friendly probiotics and good bacteria and also gave the necessary nutrients that made our bones and muscles stronger.

Why did we move to instant and ready made energy drinks?

Time constraint and laziness! Yes… living in an all time busy world we want things to be done quickly and instantly and we fall for all the gimmicks of flashy advertisements and as a result we miss to think about the long term consequences. 

Despite how they are marketed, these processed commercial drinks won’t help you build a stronger immune system or help build better health. They should not be considered in a good diet.

But its high time now we realise that we are not only doing a big blunder to our own self but also to our next generation. Lets wake up to the freshly made drinks with good ingredients.

Homemade health mix  contains tons of beneficial and natural ingredients such as traditional rice, nuts, pulses, seeds and legumes, as compared to the commercial drinks which consist of nothing but malt, preservatives and sugar at best.

An easy and perfect alternative for you and your family….

With our homemade health mix, we are bringing back our traditional diet habits that will keep you and your family healthy with cleaner and stronger immune. Our health mix contains all the traditional natural ingredients that will help you avoid health issues such as protein deficiency, vitamins deficiency and lack of energy. 

The most important reason why our health mix is the best and healthy alternative to the packaged drinks is that it is made of traditional ingredients and none of the ingredients is processed. Our aim is to reduce the work of busy working women and homemakers without reducing the quality of the food we consume. And provide preservative free foods with no artificial ingredients or flavours.

Special Ingredients of Ulamart Health Mix

Traditional Rice

No other health mix available online has traditional rice as one of the ingredients. But we made sure to include it in our health mix due to the numerous health benefits that it offers. And its one of the easier way to include different forms of traditional rice and achieve its health benefits in one go!

Traditional rice is known to minimize the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular issues and it also is a source of many important antioxidants, rarely available phytonutrients and vitamins that help in maintaining strong muscles.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are very dense in nutrients and essential vitamins. Our health mix consists of nuts which will be very beneficial for a stronger immune system.  

Seeds are a source of healthy fats, protein and many vitamins that help keep your heart health, skin and hair perfect. Reduces bad cholesterol and improves the good cholesterol that is required for a health body.

Pulses and Legumes

The traditional pulses and legumes help improve your health significantly in many ways. We miss out many forms of healthy proteins that are available in pulses. This health-mix is combined with many important variety of pulses that will keep the protein deficiency at bay and provide you health muscles.

Pulses and Legumes

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Cereals are a good source of dietary proteins, iron, vitamin E, fibre and many vital micronutrients.

Cereals are a perfect source of healthy carbohydrates that we need for proper energy levels. Our homemade health mix will make sure that you have sufficient energy for performing everyday tasks without energy drain. 


Millets are one of the rarely consumed food in the normal everyday diet. Millets provide healthy proteins, vitamins, minerals and improves digestion. It also protects your liver and kidney and heals your body naturally.

Making a right choice of food is in your hands!

Unlike other domestic and international brands, we don’t aim to just generate income by selling products that might not be good for the customers. It all comes down to our aim, which is to help our customers lead a healthier lifestyle. We only offer those products that are 100% natural and beneficial for your health because our goal is to help improve your life through our age old traditions. The health of our customers is of utmost importance to us. So, we always make all our products, be it our health mix or anything else, with only one goal: to improve your health and fitness.